TIBET Land of My Tears

Suite Journey

An eclectic fusion of world music: from classical to Celtic to Native American, originals and covers with melodies that stir a range of emotions -- elation, joy, humor, as well as dark, lonely places.

Last October we went on an adventure of a lifetime to Tibet. The magnificence, the cold winds, high altitude, obvious suppression by the Chinese government and the warmth and generosity of the Tibetan people all made a huge impact on us.

On returning home to Austin, Texas, we knew we wanted to do something with our extraordinary experience. Something that we could keep. Something we could share. So, this album was born.

But our project is more than completing a recording. It is about focusing our energy on helping the Tibetan people. 50% of our merchandise sales will go to organizations that help Tibetans at home and in exile. We have also created "Sing and Tell" house concerts to sound the yak horn and shine the light on the vanishing Tibetan culture via our journey through story, song and visuals.

Our hopes are that 1) people will take a few minutes of their time to actively listen and/or attend our concerts, 2) our music will move you, and the lyrics to our songs, especially LAND OF MY TEARS and YAK BUTTER BLUES, will spark awareness, and 3) our stories will motivate people to lend a hand to a cause that is not touched upon by our mainstream media, and is continually and craftily camouflaged by the Chinese government.

Producer: Chris Gage Recording: Moonhouse Studios, Chris Gage, Engineer Mastering: Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc., Jerry Tubb, Engineer Cover Art: Brad Stafford Graphics: Christina Fajardo

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Dead Emu

Suite Journey

One morning my neighbor woke up to find a dead emu in her front yard. For real! She immediately called into her office giving her excuse for not coming to work that day as "dead emu"! I couldn't imagine a better excuse for getting out of most anything.

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