Suite Journey

All started in Bastrop County, Texas, when Billie Woods and Deborah Schmidt met via Ann Mesrobian, not far from where the real life happening of our song DEAD EMU took place. The three formed a trio and recorded two CD's, and then Ann moved to Fayetteville, AR. Things change. Big waves knock us off guard. We grow (hopefully). Life goes on.
Billie and Debbie moved to Austin and regrouped. If you're a musician in Austin, TX, you're most likely a teeny tiny fish in a vast ocean.  We played various places, but didn't quite get a toe hold on direction and purpose. Things shifted October, 2014, when we were offered the opportunity to travel to Nepal and Tibet. We were both deeply affected, and while on the trip (unbeknownst to the other) the earth moved, and seeds of ideas began to secretly germinate. One day upon return as we were casually conversing, we discovered we were having the same thought: TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF TIBET THROUGH MUSIC.
Okay, sounding trite here, but it's the dang truth: everything kinda fell into place. The songs for our album, TIBET Land of my Tears, came together as did a bunch of other super supportive and talented folks who helped us with our Kickstarter campaign, and with recording, mixing and producing. Practice out the wazoo and wallah, we landed in Moonhouse Studios in Austin, TX, ship steered by Chris Gage, then sailed over to Jerry Tubb's Terra Nova Digital for mastering. It was thrilling, scary, and all those things in-between, kind of like our sojourn to Nepal/Tibet.
Now we both are moving to the really exciting BIGGER PICTURE part of the plan. We've crafted "SING and TELL" house concerts, weaving music, song, story and visuals about our journey. Why do this? To SOUND A YAK HORN AND SHINE A LIGHT on the situation in Tibet. 50% of our merchandise sales will go to organizations that support Tibetans in Tibet and in exile. 
That's our story, at least for now. Will end this (hopefully) not droll bio with a word that means "hello and goodbye" in Tibetan: TASHI DELEK! 
Two hands together, Deborah Schmidt and Billie Woods