After almost three years ( ahem pandemic) we are back!

Brentwood's Happy Hour!

Friday November 11, 2022    3-5pm

Friday December 16 2022   3-5pm

Friday January 27 2023      3-5pm

Friday February 24 2023    3-5pm

Friday April 14 2023          3-5pm

         Friday August 11               3-5pm         


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"I literally got lost yesterday listening to your CD while I was driving. It is absolutely lovely…SO relaxing and smooth…it just took me away until that sobering moment when I almost ran a red light! :-) Its a beautiful recording. All in all, it was such a nice departure for my day to take. Thank you both for making such a thoughtful piece of music…and love." ~Bob Cheevers, 2011 Texas Music Awards "Singer/songwriter of the year"