1. Windhorse

From the recording TIBET Land of My Tears

Billie Woods: Native American Flute
Deborah Schmidt: Classical Guitar
Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas: Percussion
Stopping at Gyatchula Pass, the joke was that the bathroom there was higher than Everest base camp!
The WIND was incredibly strong, and the views in multiple directions more than magnificent! A wandering entrepreneur was selling prayer flags.  All around us were large conglomerations of colorful wind tangled prayer flags. We bought flags as it is custom to hang them on high passes and we were indeed on our way to Everest base camp, or Qomolangma!
Prayer flags aren’t just colorful cloth with funny writing on them. The intention of prayer flags is to increase the happiness and good fortune among ALL sentient beings. We love the inclusiveness. 
One of the symbols on Tibetan prayer flags is called ‘wind horse’, or in Tibetan, lungta. The wind horse is analogous to what we refer to as good luck or good fortune.
And yes, we did manage to hang our flags at Everest base camp with family, friends and a few four legged names written on them. 
We love knowing these silent blessings are being whispered to all by the breath of nature.