1. Trekking

From the recording TIBET Land of My Tears

Billie Woods: Native American Flute
Deborah Schmidt: Classical Guitar
Jeff Stocki: Fretless Bass
Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas: Percussion
By and large, our trekking experience consisted of more stair climbing than anything else. As it became very apparent to us, Buddhism is very, VERY steep! Monasteries and temples seem to all be built on some very high lofty terrain, thus the thousands upon thousands of stairs. Caves and shrines were also usually situated in places that required a lot of stair climbing either to get up to the cave, or to get out of the cave and back on the road.
But there was one honest to goodness trek across the Himalayan tundra that was a thrill to make — the trek up to Everest Base Camp (EBC). After several hours of very slow going, Dorjee (our bus driver) stopped the bus and instructed us to walk the rest of the way because the ground was too soft for the weight of the bus, and we would have definitely gotten stuck in some pretty inhospitable environs. 
The trek into EBC was about a mile and a half one way. It was blisteringly cold, but we were well prepared with all of our clothing and cold weather gear. The final stretch up to the top was treacherous — very steep and icy. At times, it seemed the only way to safely get there was to crawl, but we all made it.