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TIBET Land of my Tears was released on October 18, 2015! We had a great celebration at Opal Divine's Marina in Austin on that very day. Why October 18? That day marked exactly one year to the day from our epic visit to the Everest Base Camp in Tibet. A memory that will forever be etched into our hearts and minds.


Suite Journey at Opal Divine's Marina


The new album is of course a considerable accomplishment, due in no small part to all of you, our fans and backers. We know we've said thank you before, multiple times, but please accept our thanks once again. It's hard to say it enough.


We're well on our way now to putting the next phase of this project into action. We held our first "Sing and Tell" house concert last Sunday in Round Rock at the home of Tony and Laurie Garrant. It was a beautiful evening and we were blessed with a lot of beautiful people in attendance. We're busy now trying to put a calendar of house concert dates together for 2016. If you know of anyone or any place that you think would be fitting for us, please let us know.



Tomorrow, we will be making our first $100 contribution from our merchandise sales at both the album release party and the house concert. You all can take heart in your part in making this intention a reality. 100% of the money will be going directly to a monastery in Tibet that is working on reconstruction after falling into great disrepair for decades, a result of the so-called "cultural revolution" following the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. 


We'll keep posting news and ponderings here, so stay tuned!


In harmony,

Billie and Debbie

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