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Meet Lama Sonam

We’d like to introduce you to an artist friend of ours,  Lama Sonam (Lama Sonam is on the right, his uncle on the left). 

Lama Sonam with his Uncle


Lama Sonam is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist artist from Nepal, although he often resides and travels in the USA these days providing traditional artwork to Buddhist temples and shrines, including here in Austin, Texas, and all over the world. Lama Sonam and his family live in the Yolam area of Nepal, which was the epicenter of the terrible earthquake in 2015. It is located northeast of Kathmandu and south of Mt. Everest.


Because of the catastrophic earthquake in April, 2015, Lama Sonam's village needs our help.


This is Lama Sonam’s village before the quake …

 Lama Sonam's village before the quake


… and this is after.

             Village after quake from a distance            Village close up after quake


This beautiful Padmasambhava (a.k.a. Guru Rinpoche) statue was built by Lama Sonam as a retreat center for the elderly in the community. It was completed just a few weeks prior to the quake.

Guru Rinpoche before quake


This is what it looked like following the quake -- all Lama Sonam's artistry in ruins:

Guru Rinpoche after quake


Suite Journey has been raising funds to help rebuild Lama Sonam’s village as part of our work to ease the suffering of the Tibetan people (if only a smidgen) through preservation of their uniquely important culture and traditions. Our most recent Compassion Tour (Waco, Dallas, and Fayetteville, AR — Oct/Nov 2016) served this purpose. We are continuing to raise funds for the foreseeable future to help restore Sonam’s village. There are 45 homes to be rebuilt, each one costing in the neighborhood of $6,000. The Nepali government has promised to provide $2,000 per home, but so far nothing has been forthcoming and is not expected due to the widespread corruption in the government.


We will continue to donate 50% of all Suite Journey merchandise sales to this effort. We always have our merchandise available at our gigs and concerts, which includes custom made prayer flags, custom designed mugs (with photos from our trip to Tibet), framable posters (also photos from our trip -- very high quality), tea pockets with a couple of ginger tea bags included, download cards of our album, and of course, CDs. 


If you wish to simply make a donation to the cause, you may do so by transferring money via PayPal here. Please indicate that the transferred funds are a donation for the restoration of Lama Sonam’s village.


Any help you can give is much appreciated.


May all beings be peaceful and happy!


In harmony,

Billie and Debbie

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